Sibylle Stier

1. chairwoman of the association
Sibylle Stier teaches piano at the Musikhochschule Augsburg and works as a freelance music therapist for various institutions. She has also been organizing and leading international artistic projects in crisis areas since 2012.

Jean-Baptiste Schwebel

2. chairman of the association
Jean-Baptiste Schwebel studies the cello in Paris, and came to Germany in 2007. He performs since then as substitute in several major german and european orchestras, under the baton of conductors such as Claudio Abbado, Mariss Jansons, Valery Gergiev and many more. He teaches in Germany, as well as in Palestine, when an association’s project needs it.

Herbert Walter

Herbert Walter is a musician and music therapist – working at the SCHÖN-Klinik Vogtareuth and as a lecturer for music therapy at the Fachhochschule Krems. He has been involved in international music therapy projects since 2014.

Swaantje Paetzolt

Swaantje Paetzolt works as a music therapist in a psychiatric hospital in Leipzig. She has her own practice for music therapy and systemic counselling and teaches at the J.-S. Bach Music School.

Prof. Karin Holzwarth

Prof. Karin Holzwarth, music therapist (DMtG), alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (HPG), music and movement pedagogue and freelance musician. Since the winter semester 2017/18 she has been professor for music therapy at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg with a focus on physicality in music therapy. She heads the music therapy department at the State Music School for Young People in Hamburg and is a member of the Federal Inclusion Committee of the Association of German Music Schools, publishes and lectures.

Maximilian Neumayer

Maximilian Neumayer is a dancer, dance teacher and chairman of the association “Moja kwa Moja”. Since the summer of 2016 he has been working with young people from Behtlehem – he has held various hip hop workshops and continues to hold advanced courses.

Mohammad Orabi

For Mohammad’s biography, please look at the board below.

Studied piano at the Musikhochschule Munich – graduated with an artistic and pedagogical diploma.

Since 1987
Music theatre projects with various children’s and youth ensembles

Since 1988
Lecturer for piano at the Musikhochschule Augsburg

Since 2001
Music therapist in the field of “Development-oriented music therapy according to Gertrud Orff” at the Academy for Development Aid Rehabilitation in Munich

Since 2010
Music therapist at the Rosenheim Clinic – Palliative Care

2010 to 2014
Music therapy at the curative education Rafael school

Since 2012
Sound massage practitioner after Peter Hess

Since 2012
Music therapy and artistic work in various cultural institutions and refugee camps in Palestine:

Al Fawwar / Hebron in collaboration with the Yes – Theatre
Music therapy workshop in collaboration with “wings of hope
Music theatre “Forget the border” in collaboration with the Diyar Dance Theatre Bethlehem
Founding of an orchestra partnership with the Bavarian Philharmonic Orchestra and Al Kamandjati/Ramallah
Work in the field of “early musical education” with preschool children.
Music lessons at various Waldorf schools.
Music therapy work in curative education institutions.
Music therapy work with traumatised children in Tuzla/Bosnia.
Artistic director of numerous cross-cultural projects in the field of music theatre at home and abroad.
Further education in the fields of “music therapy and psychodrama” and “musical self-awareness”.

Born 19.12.1968 in Zell am Ziller (Tyrol, Austria)

Abitur at the grammar school in Schwaz / Tyrol

1987 – 1993
Music studies (instrumental singing pedagogy, concert guitar) at the University of Music Vienna

Scholarship to Istanbul to study music therapy at the Cherapaschaklinik in Istanbul and to attend the Istanbul Conservatory.

1995 – 1998
Completion of studies in music therapy at the Institute for Holistic Medicine in Vienna

1998 – 2002
Music therapist at the ÖHTB (Österreichischer Hilfsdienst für Taubblinde) and music pedagogue in Vienna

2002 – 2008
Teaching at the Academy for Holistic Medicine Vienna

Marriage and birth of my first son Jonas, move to the Chiemgau – Marquartstein

Birth of the second son Elijah

Since 2004
Music therapist at the SCHÖN-Klinik Vogtareuth in the ward International medical center and adult rehabilitation and in the Frühreha intensive care unit

Since 2008
Lecturer in music therapy at the University of Applied Sciences Krems

Since 2014
Freelancer at the Chiemgauklinik Marquartstein

Music therapy workshop in Hebron (Palestine), organized by the YES theatre there

Collaboration in the music therapy project “music and resilience” in Lebanon.
Introductory workshop music therapy in Bethlehem/ Palestine.


Music studies (main subject bassoon), instrumental pedagogy and music therapy in Berlin

Since 1985

Teaching at music schools

1994 to 1995

Music therapist Ida-Wolff-Krankenhaus Berlin

1995 to 2002

Music therapist at Heidenheim District Hospital, psychiatry and psychotherapy

Since 2002

Music therapist at the Parkklinikum Leipzig, Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics


Certification Systemic Therapist and Consultant


Sound massage practitioner after Peter Hess


Psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner

Since 2010

Practice for systemic counseling and music therapy

Since 2011

Lecturer at the German Heilpraktikerschule, psychotherapy department

Since 2013

Leadership of self-experience groups

Since 2014

Aftercare programme “Discharge and then…?”, a joint project Art and Music Therapy

Since 2016

Advanced training in musicimaginative methods (MIME)

Since 2017

Music therapy workshop in cooperation with “wings of hope for trauma” in Bethlehem

08/1993 Born in Prien on Lake Chiemsee

06/2010 Completion of intermediate maturity train (secondary school Bad Endorf)

09/2010 – 01/2013 Apprenticeship as bank clerk

10/2010 – 02/2013 HipHop – Dance teacher “Das Schulz” & Detlef D! Soost

06/2013 Foundation of the aid organisation “Moja kwa Moja – Sei selbst das Projekt e.V.” (field of activity: development cooperation, integrative and inclusive work, cooperative work with different social and entrepreneurial institutions – mainly Germany, West and East Africa)

09/2013 – 07/2017 Dance instructor in hip hop, standard, Latin for children, people with mental and physical disabilities, championship groups, pupils with behavioural disorders and learning disabilities, graduation classes at Tine´s Tanzpalast/ ADTV Tanzschule Wangler

10/2014 – 04/2015 Training as HipHop dance teacher

09/2015 – 11/2015 Training to become a paramedic

03/2016 – 05/2016 Training as first aid trainer in the Red Cross

Since 04/2016 HipHop – dance instructor at ADTV dance school Kesmarki

Since 04/2017 HipHop – dance teacher at Chiemgau Tanzschule Höslwang

Since 2010 Various workshops in clubs, schools, social institutions in the field of HipHop, Break Dance

08/2016 HipHop – Workshop in Bethlehem

Since 02/2017 lecturer at Dar Alkalim (Diyar Dance Theatre), Bethlehem – 3-year training of 15 dancers in dance and dance teaching for HipHop (five pillars of HipHop)


Activity as music therapist

since 08/2011 Department Coordination Music Therapy & Inclusion at the Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Hamburg
5/2010 – 09/2017 Music therapist at the children’s hospice Sternenbrücke Hamburg-Rissen
11/2004-12/2007 Music therapist in the Terra Vitalis of the Evangelical Foundation Alsterdorf
since 03/2003 music therapist at special schools/ integrative schools of the city of Hamburg and at the Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Hamburg
08/2002-04/2011 Music therapy with a coma vigil patient / private household Hamburg
09/2000 – 03/2001 Head of the choir and music group for children and young people from Afghanistan on behalf of Netzwerk/ WOGE e.V.
since 05/2000 freelance music therapist in her own practice, group and individual work
03/2000-11/2001 music therapeutic offers in the residential and nursing home Haus Tabea, Hamburg-Flottbek, for neurologically ill elderly people
12/1996-04/2003 freelance music therapist at the Caduceus-Klinik, clinic for psychotherapy and psychosomatics, Bad Bevensen, Germany
03/1995-01/1999 Music therapy with physically and mentally handicapped at the School for Ancient Oriental Music and Art Therapy

Teaching in education and training

since 10/2017 Professorship for Music Therapy at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg
since 01/2017 Conception and implementation of the music therapy training on behalf of music can help e.V. for employees of the association “Wings of Hope for Trauma” in Bethlehem/ West Bank
01/2016 Appointment to the Federal Expert Committee Inclusion of the Association of German Music Schools by the Management and the Board of Directors of the VdM: Expert Advice for Music School Directors, Colleges and the Board of Directors of the VdM
since 08/2011 conception, organisation and realisation of conferences and symposia for the Landesmusikakademie Hamburg and the Verband deutscher Musik schulen on the topics of music therapy, music pedagogy and inclusion (special disability, cultural diversity and escape experience)
since 08/2011 Contact person North for BAMMS (National Working Group Music Therapy at Music Schools)
since 09/2010 lecturer at the HfMT Hamburg, the University Hospital Hamburg- Eppendorf, the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt as well as nationwide at music therapy and music pedagogical congresses:
– Music therapy and vigil coma
– Music therapy in school/ music school
– Music therapy and the social mission of inclusion

since 04/1996 freelance music teacher for traditional instruments from Central Asia and the Middle East, voice, rhythm and improvisation

03/1994-09/1998 Teacher at the School for Ancient Near Eastern Music and Art Therapy for
Instrumental subjects and music theory

Education and training

10/2005-09/2008 Postgraduate studies in music therapy at the HfMT Hamburg. Final thesis “Living in the field of tension of self-remembrance and self-dissolution – music therapy with a patient in a long-term waking coma” with distinction. Graduation as Diplom-Musiktherapeutin und Psychotherapie (HPG) (music therapist and psychotherapist)
03/1992-12/1995 Study of Music Therapy at the School for Ancient Oriental Music Therapy (today study course Music Therapy at the University of Applied Sciences Krems), Austria, graduation as Music Therapist
9/1989-11/1994 Studied at the Hamburg Conservatory as a music teacher with a major in rhythmics.
08/1985-08/1988 Violinist in the Youth Symphony Orchestra Rhineland-South
06/1988 General qualification for university entrance
08/1975-06/1988 Independent Waldorf School, Hamburg and Bonn-Cologne


2017 Music therapy to support the public mission of music schools. In: Association of German Music Schools (Ed.): Spektrum Inklusion – we are there! Ways to develop inclusive music schools. Bonn, VdM Publishing House, 115-120
Stay awake in 2012 – music therapy and coma vigil. On the Phenomenology of Human Consciousness. Wiesbaden, Reichert
WS 2012/13 Music therapy with lifeblood. In: twelve, issue 11 (2012/13), 18
2011 A very personal story: The Ancient Oriental Music Therapy and me. In: H.-H. Decker-Voigt, E. Weymann (Ed.): Music and Healthiness 19 (2011) Wiesbaden, Reichert, 16-18
2011 “You can do anything as if it were a playground” –
Ways of music therapeutic development promotion.
2011 Life in the field of tension between self-remembrance and self-dissolution, in: Musiktherapeutische Umschau 32, 1 (2011), Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 5-21


10/2010 Johannes Th. Eschen Prize of the German Music Therapeutic Society
01/2004 Hamburger Tulpe for German-Turkish community spirit, awarded by the Körber Foundation for the project “Sound Worlds of the Orient”.

Nationality: Palestinian Lebanese refugee

clinical psychologist and music therapist

  • joined National institution for social care and vocational training with mental health team – Family guidance center Saida since 2010

  • working as clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with many Palestinian NGOS since 2003 for children in special needs and physical handicap

  • councilor for LPHU project “Socio -economic Integration for Disabled Persons” funded by European Union 2008

  • Psychology teacher and teacher in EU funded Erasmus+ project (MARS) music and resilience support 2015 to 2017

  • Studding Masters in clinical psychology in 2007 (Lebanese University)

  • since 2012 started practicing and studding music therapy with professional trainers around UK and Europe

  • studding 4 years in music therapy in ASISSI – Italy graduated in march 2019

  • My thesis under tittle The Introduction of Music Therapy in the Treatment of Toxic Stress in Young Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon.

  • Future studies in master’s music therapy