Workshop in refugee camp

»Ala is 19 years old and lives in Ramallah, Palestine. She plays the violin, and says suddently: “now I got it, music is an international language of peace”«

Download of the article “Kraft der Musik” out of the OVB Rosenheim from 04.06.2014 (German).

These pictures were taken in 2014, during our first workshop in the Al Fawwar refugee camp, in the south of Hebron, in a common work with the Yes-Theater in Hebron. Besides the work with the children, we started a 5 days “introductory course” with local social workers and helpers. It was moving to see how most of the participants were longing for relaxation through music. The kids were very nice to us and were very enthusiastic for every exercise we proposed. But it was also important for them to share their culture with us through their own songs.