Music theater

Music theater projects – Intercultural exchange projects

should give the possibility to children, through a combination of theater and music, to exprerience a new representation level, which allows them to illustrate their own culture and strenghens their self-confidence. Mostly, the common artistic work helps them to empathize with other’s life, and so demands acceptance, tolerance and openness towards new cultures.

If possible, it is for us very important to allow youths with different cultural backgrounds to get to know each other through exchange programs.Until now we were able to build exchange programs in music theater area and youth orchestras.


“Letters from…..”

Since fall 2016, pupils from the Waldorf school Rosenheim and the Diyar Dance Theatres Bethlehem work on a next common music theater project. Under the title “Letters from…..”, they will adapt letters they exchanged with youths from all over the world into a music theater play.

The representations will take place in June 2017 in Palestine, and on July 14th in König-Ludwigsaal in Prien am Chiemsee.

“Forget the Border” – A musical theater project of the Waldorf school Rosenheim and the Diyar-Dance Theatre Bethlehem.

Pupils of the Rosenheim region, together with youths from Palestine, got to think about the topic of inside and outside borders, and under the supervision of Osama Aljabiri, Michael Feuchtmeir and Sibylle Stier, concieved a music theater project, which has been played in 2015 in Bethlehem as well as in Gut Immling im Chiemgau.