Music therapy in social work

In the middle of November 2017, already the 4th training period – music therapy in Bethlehem – took place, in cooperation with the organization “Wings of Hope”. We are currently working with a stable group of 15 participants. Some of them are already putting their experiences into practice in the context of their own fields of work, which became clear thanks to videos and case documentations. This time, the training was guided by Sibylle Stier and Herbert Walter. We particularly also thank Hala Hamdan, a befriended Palestinian music therapist from Jaffa, who spent one day with us, presenting her work with children from Gaza.

The next – and already penultimate training period – is going to take place in February 2018.
Little impression of our ukulele workshop.
We have started to teach this instrument during the last part of the training from the 12th until the 16th November 2017. All participants took part with great zeal – at the end, they were already able to accompany a few simple songs.