Forget the Border

A music theater project from the Waldorf school Rosenheim and the Diyar-Dance Theatres Bethlehem

We all are humans living on the same planet, on which nobody can claim more than the other. Therefore, actual situations in a lot of coutries show that hate against “strangers” and dissidents is part of the every-day life.

Several pupils from the Rosenheim region took this topic and developped (under supervision) a music theater project, which has been created in Bethlehem and was again performed in Gut Immling. And there to remember: borders of the world start in our head.

Conception and production: Sibylle Stier, Osama Aljabiri and Michael Feuchtmeir

Download of the article “Rosenheim trifft Bethlehem – Das deutsch-palästinensische Musiktheater »Forget the Border«” from the newspaper “Erziehungskunst” from Dezember 2015 (German).