Our Goal

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent

Victor Hugo

Our concern is, through musical encounter and activity, to improve the life situation of underprivileged and discriminated chlidren.

Our activity fields are

1. Music therapy

  • Formation and further training offrer
  • Therapeutic engagement in emergency situations

2. Music pedagogy

  • Instrument lessons
  • Long term Workshops und Intensive weeks

3. Music/Theater/Dance projects

  • Theater in combination with music, musicals
  • Intercultural exchange projects

4. Concert offers and instruments stock

In the music therapy area we work directly with the affected people (partly in refugee camps), as well as giving formation and advanced training, because it makes sense to us to train the local educators and social workers, and to give them the possibility to become active also in the music therapy area. As they have the same culture, and experience the same problems, they will be always more accurate than us, who see the situation from outside.

Above that, we want to give the possibility to many people who wish to learn an instrument to be able to do it, through sponsored lessons and support for the purshase of their own instrument.

Through partner projects in music theater, youths get the possibility of intercultural encounters, which contribute to strengthen their self-confidence, present their own culture and understand other cultures. Since summer 2016 we took in our program dance projects, mainly focused on hip-hop, as we saw how chlidren were enthusiastic about it.