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Music is a universal language, which is likewise understood from everybody in the world. People, and especially chlidren, can get in contact through singing, making music together, and work on hard life experience through musical impressions.

We took as a duty with our non-profit organsiation “Internationan Music Association” to be active in conflict areas. We provide help in terms of education, further training, immediate aid and long term projects, and take every possibility we get to achieve that.



Maxi’s workshop in refugee camp

Maxi’s workshop in refugee camp

Maxi Neumayer and Aaron Amoatey were at our hip hop workshop in the AlFawwar refugee camp in southern Palestine. At the end there was a small performance at Mangersqare in Bethlehem, which was something very special for the young people of the refugee camp - they...

At our last meeting on August 1st 2019 resignated Herbet Walter as 2nd chairman of the board – Jean-Baptiste took his place.
We are pleased to welcome Juliette Rahon as a new member, dancer and dance teacher from Leipzig.
In November, Sibylle Stier will meet in Amman Nicole Hashem, Chairperson of UNRWA for Gaza and the occupied West Bank. They will speak with the members of the United Nations Refugee Agency about possible cooperation in Gaza. UNRWA signalled great interest.