„Labyrinth – A dream game“

“In the Labyrinth, there is no longer or shorter way. Each turn must be gone, nothing can be left out, if you want to get to the middle. Going wrong is not wrong. A mistake is not a dead end and certainly not a lost time. Not learning from mistakes, not going on, stopping, these are the real errors of life.”

Gernot Candolini

With the title “Labyrinth – ein Traumspiel” – in Arabic mataha تيه – young actors from Palestine/Bethlehem and the Freie Waldorfschule Rosenheim will meet this year for the third time to work together on the ideas they want to implement in this play. The basis is a surreal search for each individual’s own path. Topics are escape and expulsion, building relationships, searching for values, authenticity. How do we deal with each other? What new paths do we have to take in today’s world?
All scenes are based on dreams that are staged.

The special thing about these projects is that the young people do not know each other beforehand, that each group works out scenes on the theme for itself and then meets in Bethlehem to put together and rehearse a play together for a week, and above all to get to know each other. At the end
a first performance will take place in Bethlehem. One week later the young Palestinians arrive in Munich for a return visit.
Two young Afghans, who belong to the German group but unfortunately cannot come to Palestine, join the team.

Through their time together, both in Palestine and in Germany, the young people have the opportunity to gain deep insights into each other’s culture and living conditions and to exchange wishes, plans, ideas and hopes, which are surprisingly similar despite all external circumstances.

This project is part of the festivities of the campaign “Waldorf 100”.

Performances in June in Bethlehem and in July in Germany. 4.7. – LEO 17 – Leopoldstraße 17, 80802 Munich and 7.7. Ballhaus Rosenheim – Weinstraße 12, 83022 Rosenheim

Production: Rainer Kühn, Juliette Rahon, Sibylle Stier, Tarek Zboun